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Compliant Website Tracking

Introducing TrackerReveal Ensure Compliance with TrackerReveal by PrivaPlan | Powered by Cyndelos TrackerReveal Your Solution to Compliant Website Tracking Websites commonly use tracking technologies to

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HIPAA Certification Program

Quick and easy online training that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. HIPAA certification is particularly valuable for individuals who are responsible for HIPAA compliance.

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HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

A full risk analysis program that adapts to your organizational needs with onsite and remote options. Having conducted thousands of risk analyses for organizations of all sizes our security risk analysis program has been praised for its comprehensiveness and ease of understanding.

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HIPAA Privacy Compliance Review

Our Privacy Assessment offers comprehensive support to know where your vulnerabilities are and how to remediate them. Gather a complete picture of your current HIPAA privacy practices and how PHI is managed, accessed and stored.

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Managed Phishing

Protect your workforce and your patient health information with our reliable and trusted phishing testing services. Create long-term security literacy with our highly effective scheduled phishing security tests and comprehensive managed phishing security program.

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HIPAA Breach Notification

Are you experiencing a HIPAA Breach? We offer guidance for incident reporting or choose to have one of our seasoned professional associates manage the notification process for you.

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HIPAA Toolkit

The HIPAA Toolkit is an essential resource with customizable templates and comprehensive resources, the Toolkit makes it easy to meet HIPAA regulations.

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Access PrivaPlan Toolkit

Access CMA-PrivaPlan Toolkit

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