How To Recognize Phishing Scams

Are you familiar with the concept of phishing and its impact on data security? Do you know what phishing is and why it’s such an important topic for healthcare workforce members? With some essential facts and tips about phishing, you can help keep your workforce and patient information safe from attackers.   What is Phishing? […]

Be Aware of Cyber Criminals During Amazon Prime Day

Along with all the legitimate promotions that continue to pop up on your screen from Amazon, the bad guys are also sending special deals to lure enthusiastic online shoppers into various phishing campaigns…

The COVID-19 Vaccine Phishing Campaigns are Here

The COVID-19 vaccines began arriving in U.S. hospitals this week, and as expected, the phishing campaigns are in full force, with an increase in suspicious texts or emails claiming to have information about the vaccine in exchange for personal information.

Alert: Postcard Disguised as Official OCR Communication is in the Mail

Though the postage is marked first class, the mailer’s intent is not. In fact, it is another low-class act by scammers. The United States Office for Civil Rights (OCR) released a statement on August 6 about postcards that are being sent to health care organizations disguised as official OCR communications, claiming to be notices of a mandatory HIPAA compliance risk assessment.

Microsoft warns of COVID-19 phishing attack via Excel

Microsoft is warning users about an infected Excel email attachment that can wreak major havoc when opened. The massive phishing attack started on May 12 appearing as emails from the Johns Hopkins Center with an Excel attachment that claims to be US deaths caused by the Coronavirus.

Don’t wait until the 11th hour to update to IE 11

There is no better time to make sure you’re using the latest version of Internet Explorer. True to their word, January 12, 2016 is the end of the Microsoft Support Lifecycle on versions of Internet Explorer older than version 11.