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HIPAA Disaster Recovery Planning

What will you do when disaster strikes? We build effective contingency and disaster plans that keep you focused on patient healthcare and allow your business to function in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.

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HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

A full risk analysis program that adapts to your organizational needs with onsite and remote options. Having conducted thousands of risk analyses for organizations of all sizes our security risk analysis program has been praised for its comprehensiveness and ease of understanding.

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HIPAA Data Governance

What is Data Governance? Data Governance is the management of data during its lifecycle. To have an inclusive data governance plan, you must have internal

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HIPAA Managed Phishing

At PrivaPlan Associates, we have increased the effectiveness of our HIPAA Managed Phishing Testing & Cybersecurity Awareness Training Service program. We are happy to report those regular users have seen risk levels reduced dramatically.

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HIPAA Breach Notification

The most flexible solution you can have during the HIPAA Breach Notification process is from a leader in HIPAA compliance. We leverage our industry knowledge with our compassion to ease your mind and deliver results you can depend on.

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HIPAA Policy & Procedures Development

HIPAA policies and procedures development is often overlooked as an essential component for staying HIPAA compliance. At PrivaPlan Associates, we understand the efforts and resources that drive reliable HIPAA policies and procedures documentation.

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HIPAA Toolkit

HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Toolkit Welcome to PrivaPlan’s HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Online Toolkit. Act confidently in implementing and developing your Privacy and

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