Why PrivaPlan?

For starters, PrivaPlan™ Associates is a leading provider in HIPAA compliance, education, training, cybersecurity, and guidance. We’ve been guiding people through HIPAA compliance since 2001 before the HIPAA Privacy Rule went into effect. Every day our highly experienced team demonstrates a commitment to providing compliance solutions to the healthcare community, and their HIPAA business associates. We stay true to our guiding principles by building trust through our actions, communication, and attention to detail. Our team has extensive experience working in health care provider settings, health plans, and clearing houses giving us a unique ability to understand the practical application of HIPAA regulations. 


Our Commitment

Together we can make a difference in how patient health information is protected and governed. We promise to uphold honesty, integrity, and respect for all we work with. We are a service oriented company with a commitment to delivering the highest quality and value.

Every detail of our offerings is intentionally designed to help you navigate a complex system. We have various products and services to make privacy and security compliance with HIPAA easy, from certification courses to one-on-one consultancy. Get individualized attention with fully customizable programs through every step of your compliance efforts.

Our Values

Our values guide our interactions, and we couldn’t be prouder of how they’ve shaped our reputation. 

At PrivaPlan Associates, we start with our customer’s needs. By focusing on our customer’s concerns, we can craft a solution that delivers a better outcome. 

PrivaPlan’s innovative solutions have been field-tested since the HIPAA Privacy Rule took effect in 2003, and shortly thereafter when the Security Rule required conducting HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. Our associates are committed to compliance evolution in the healthcare industry and meeting the increasing demands of cybersecurity. We are dedicated to making the impossible possible. 

Our Founders

In 2001 David Ginsberg, Leslie Berkeyheiser, (the late) Harry Smith, and Leia Ginsberg founded PrivaPlan Associates because they saw a way to support healthcare providers with the knowledge of emerging HIPAA regulations. They wanted to provide exceptional services for compliance standards and, in the process, became industry leaders. PrivaPlan remains a forerunner in HIPAA consultancy and is widely respected for their expertise in the healthcare industry.

As President of PrivaPlan Associates, David Ginsberg has shaped the company to be what it is today: committed, ethical, and exceptional. Mr. Ginsberg has more than thirty-five years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has practical real-time knowledge about the realities of compliance in the physician/hospital sector, as well as health plans and the numerous vendors that support the healthcare industry. PrivaPlan’s expertise has expanded to encompass emerging data governance and cybersecurity aspects of our current daily lives.

Mr. Ginsberg is a designated HIPAA and electronic health records consultant to the Colorado Rural Health Center and other associations. He provides general compliance advice to many organizations.

Founder: David Ginsberg

Our Associates

PrivaPlan Associates bring a commitment to quality that makes them stand apart from the competition. They approach each customer and each unique project with respect. It’s their commitment that makes a lasting impression. And the reason why our Associates enrich our company. 

Team Member: Han Ashley

Han Ashley

Senior Associate & Project Director

Team Member: Ron Bebus

Ron Bebus

Chief Information Officer

Team Member: Michelle Bowes

Michelle Bowes

Senior Associate

Team Member: Jo Bradley

Jo Bradly

Cybersecurity Literacy Phishing Coordinator

Team Member: Matt Guy

Matt Guy

Vice President, Health Data Governance & Strategy

Beth Hundley

Business Operations Manager & Senior Associate

Team Member: Athea Merredyth

Athea Merredyth

Digital Asset Manager & Analyst

Team Member: Stephanie Roybal

Stephanie Roybal

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Analyst

Team Member: Lil Sontag

Lil Sonntag

Senior Consultant & Project Manager

Susanne Spitzer

Senior Analyst

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