HIPAA Certification Program

What is a HIPAA Certification?

HIPAA certification means you have successfully completed a specifically designed course to teach you about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Certification does not mean that you are HIPAA compliant. Instead, HIPAA Certification means you know and understand how to apply HIPAA best practices to protect patient health information (PHI).

HIPAA certification is particularly valuable for individuals who are responsible for HIPAA compliance. Our exceptional program offers comprehensive and practical training on the nuances of compliance.


How to Become HIPAA Certified

PrivaPlan has created a unique hands-on curriculum. Our commitment is to teach you the most efficient path toward compliance and continual readiness. We provide the highest quality information and most up-to-date best practices with dedicated subject matter experts and support teams.

We go over and above standard awareness, document templates, and compliance products by tailoring our information and training to your specific situation and needs. A compliance certification with us means that you have a program that fits your culture and current organizational needs.

With flexible learning options, real-world application concepts, tools, and ongoing support, PrivaPlan provides the most comprehensive knowledge and training in the field.

Is HIPAA Certification Worth It?

The PrivaPlan Compliance Certification empowers you and your organization to: 

  • Shift your organization’s focus from problems to prevention
  • Optimize internal compliance systems and workflows
  • Increase patient trust
  • Improve the efficiency and coordination of all of your compliance efforts
  • Implement and maintain best practices in data privacy and cyber security 
HIPAA Certification Program

This makes the HIPAA Certification worth it because:

  • The expertise gained improves the efficiency and responsiveness of your HIPAA compliance efforts and can result in less cost
  • Improved risk reduction may translate into fewer reportable breaches and potential financial penalties

With ongoing access to continual support from PrivaPlan for regulatory updates, online tools, and reference resources, you can feel assured that you remain a compliance expert.

We deliver comprehensive and personalized, actionable steps with results that you can measure. Contact us today to enroll in our self-paced HIPAA Certification program, inquire about individual and group pricing, or request more information.

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