HIPAA Privacy Compliance Review

HIPAA Privacy Compliance Review

A privacy assessment is the cornerstone to protecting PHI and the foundation for HIPAA best practices. HIPAA’s extensive law applies to anyone who handles PHI, including health care providers, health plans, business associates, and health care clearinghouses. There is sensitive information within each of these categories. Does your organization have a culture of privacy compliance? And are you aware of how well your organization protects this information?

Gather a complete picture of your current HIPAA privacy practices with PrivaPlan’s HIPAA Privacy Assessment. Our assessment gives you a contextual view of your PHI, how it’s managed, who accesses it, and where it is stored. Our review provides the assistance you need to refocus your HIPAA Privacy standards.

PrivaPlan’s HIPAA Privacy Compliance Reviews

The HIPAA Privacy Assessment provides a comprehensive analysis of how effective your organization’s privacy compliance programs are. The assessment includes:

  • Are your processes for complying with patient rights sufficient and actually followed?
  • Have you incorporated the 21st Century CURES Act and Information Blocking Compliance?
  • Thorough evaluation of your existing forms and notices
  • Detailed evaluation of existing policies and procedures
  • Analysis of HIPAA training and education that includes identifying gaps in particular role-based training, for example, providing patients with timely access
  • Analysis of your medical records and release of information team and processes
  • Analysis of Business Associate management and programs
  • Analysis and definition of your HIPAA designated records sets

After we establish the baseline of current privacy practices, you can utilize the findings to improve the quality of your efforts and reduce risk.

What you receive from our HIPAA Privacy Assessment:

  • A written report of findings, including gaps or deficiencies
  • Recommended improvements including new forms and updated policies and procedures
  • Unlock additional value with our HIPAA education literacy and training along with suggested microlearning modules 
  • Guidance from our specialists at every step 

Contact us today to start fine-tuning your current HIPAA Privacy Practices.

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