HIPAA Education & Literacy Training

Why is HIPAA Compliance Training Important?

Many covered entities and business associates mistakenly believe that generic online HIPAA training is all they need for compliance. However, both the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules have specific requirements regarding workforce training, security reminders and periodic updates.

New workforce members are to be trained within a reasonable time after joining your organization’s workforce. HIPAA Compliance training is also needed when there is a material change in your organization’s policies and procedures. And training is required if a need for training has been identified, for instance, when a risk analysis shows a vulnerability to email phishing.

But a one-size-fits-all approach to HIPAA training may leave critical areas unseen. Consider how different organizations have different needs:

  • A hospital-based medical practice, such as anesthesiology using its own billing staff, would need to train differently on handling and posting a Notice of Privacy Practices.
  • Using an EHR requires your medical records staff to handle patient requests for access carefully and in adherence with the 21st Century CURES ACT Information Blocking Rule; this requires more training than would be relevant for a provider.
  • Business associates must train their staff on timely communication and follow up with their clients in the event of a breach.

HIPAA Compliance Education Literacy & Training for Employees

We offer training options for any type of covered entity or business associate. With online courses and the opportunity to customize training for your organization, we deliver solutions to meet your needs including:

  • Live on-site training
  • Self-paced online courses accessible in our library
  • Security reminder videos
  • Individualized recorded training
  • Custom training options

We understand the importance of tailored training, so we conduct interviews to identify your organization’s unique policies and procedures, incorporating content you want to be emphasized.

Highlights of PrivaPlan’s custom HIPAA Education Literacy & Training:

  • Curated to your organization’s policies and procedures
  • Oversee workforce training
  • Progress tracking of workforce completion
  • User friendly
  • Easy to understand
  • Concepts communicated clearly
  • Self-paced
  • 1 on 1 mentoring and compliance support

Customized training is surprisingly affordable for any size organization! Call us today to design your HIPAA Education Literacy & Training program.

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