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Our Mission

PrivaPlan Associates handles compliance in the next dimension of information technology, privacy, and security. 

Built upon two decades of experience in HIPAA privacy and security compliance solutions, we understand the criticality of safeguarding confidential information. Whether your goal is to safeguard protected health information, personally identifiable information, or sensitive and confidential data we have the solution.

Regardless of your industry, our current data-driven world has its challenges, and PrivaPlan Associates offers exceptional programs that enable you to improve your internal information systems. We have solutions for you to make progress on your compliance goals and enhance your overall privacy and security posture. Protect your organization’s privacy and build trust. 

Who We Work With

PrivaPlan Associates provides you with the clarity and confidence you need to navigate, enhance, and sustain compliance.

With over 20 years of experience in the compliance consultancy industry, we specialize in offering guidance and compliance support to various sectors including finance, healthcare, business, and government. No matter the size or role of your organization we have tailored privacy and data security solutions just for you.

Let us guide you towards a secure and compliant future!

What’s On Your Website?

The partnership combines PrivaPlan’s industry-leading guidance with Cyndelos’ AI technology to pinpoint website vulnerability and uphold website compliance.

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Protect Patient Privacy & Build Trust

Produce a HIPAA Compliant Website with TrackerReveal!

Our cutting-edge tool conducts comprehensive scans of your website & apps to identify potential risks associated with tracking technologies.