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Our Mission

Focus on improving your HIPAA Compliance with personalized, actionable steps that have guaranteed results. PrivaPlan Associates has over 20 years of HIPAA intelligence and customized approaches for all aspects of healthcare.

We don’t just recommend a plan and then walk away. Our team works alongside you to develop a custom solution for your HIPAA needs from start to finish.

Our ever-expanding library of current and globally relevant content provides you with the tools to become a HIPAA compliance expert. Become more effective and productive in your compliance efforts with our array of HIPAA solutions.

We also handle compliance in the next dimension of information technology, privacy, and security. No matter your industry, our current data driven world has its own set of challenges. PrivaPlan Associates offers exceptional programs that enable you to improve your internal information systems. With data governance, disaster and recovery planning, and managed phishing testing, we have solutions for you to make progress on your compliance goals.

Rethink HIPAA Compliance with guidance from a variety of PrivaPlan Solutions

Who We Work With

With over 20 years as a HIPAA consultancy company, we know the importance of offering guidance and compliance support. Our customers include HIPAA covered entities, Business Associates, technology vendors, and health plans. 

No matter your role in healthcare, or the size of your organization, PrivaPlan has a HIPAA or data security solution for you. Whether you see patients face to face, work with health plan members or work behind the scenes in administration, information technology, or informatics, we know that managing HIPAA compliance is more complicated than ever.

We guide you to move forward with clarity and confidence to manage, improve, and maintain HIPAA compliance.

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