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Your Solution to Compliant Website Tracking

Websites frequently utilize tracking technologies to collect and analyze visitor data. Businesses must be vigilant about third-party tracking technologies on their sites. For federally regulated entities, compliance is crucial to prevent unauthorized disclosures of personal information. Introducing TrackerReveal – your trusted solution for ensuring compliant website tracking.


Understanding the Challenge of Privacy & Security Regulations

While cookies, pixels, and other tracking tools are ever-present online, the health care, finance, and consulting sectors encounter unique challenges in adhering to government regulations, such as those set by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), and in navigating the evolving landscape of patient and consumer privacy laws. 


TrackerReveal identifies potential risks associated with tracking technologies, helps determine whether a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) is needed with the tracking company, and offers guidance on whether certain trackers should be disabled. 

TrackerReveal Delivers Key Metrics

Our cutting-edge tool conducts comprehensive scans of your website to identify potential risks associated with tracking technologies and gives you:

Safeguard Customer Information with TrackerReveal

Tracking technologies are often implemented by web developers, hosting platforms, and marketing departments without oversight from Privacy or Security officials. This can lead to many health care providers, businesses, and business associates being unaware of tracking activities on their websites.TrackerReveal bridges this gap, providing a crucial layer of protection and awareness.

Here's why it matters:

Choose TrackerReveal to safeguard your websites privacy & security, identify website trackers, manage risks & uphold compliance.

Ensure Compliance with TrackerReveal by PrivaPlan | Powered by Cyndelos

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