HIPAA Security Risk Analysis

HIPAA Security Risk Analysis – HIPAA Risk Analysis (per 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1)(ii)(A) is an essential requirement of both the HIPAA Security Rule, and also a “CORE” meaningful use measure for those organizations seeking EHR incentive payments.

PrivaPlan’s innovative solutions for completing a HIPAA Risk Analysis have been field tested since the HIPAA Security Rule took effect in 2005 and conducted for physician practices, hospitals, community health centers and health agencies, public health departments and business associates with great success.

We offer a range of solutions, from a guided “do-it-yourself” model based on our low cost online ToolKit, or where our team provides the service.

PrivaPlan can provide the Risk Analysis as a “remote” or onsite project tailored to your budget and needs. We handle the entire process and provide a detailed report of findings and Risk Analysis!

New! PrivaPlan’s HIPAA Security Risk Analysis Review – For those organizations who have had a Risk Analysis completed in the last two years, we can offer an affordable review and evaluation solution.

For larger organizations we also offer the PHI secure tool – an online Risk Analysis tool with over 600 questions and guidance to complete a thorough assessment. The online program stores your answers and documentation in a secure cloud environment.

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