What’s On Your Website?

Partnership with Cyndelos Leads to TrackerReveal Website Compliance Management Service 

Partnerships are powerful instruments for businesses when they employ their unique resources to benefit customers. With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce PrivaPlan Associates’ strategic partnership with Cyndelos as we launch TrackerReveal.

Cyndelos is a leading AI-driven company building trust through consumer surveillance analytics. They leverage AI to automate website vulnerability management, discovering non-compliant third-party website tracking technologies in industries that rely on compliance, such as financial sectors and health care. 

The Growing Importance of Website Compliance 

Website tracking technologies, such as cookies, pixels, and beacons, collect valuable data about user interactions. This data helps businesses tailor their marketing strategies, improve user experiences, and increase conversions.  

However, improper use of tracking technologies can lead to compliance repercussions and fines from regulatory institutions such as the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). 


Source: International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). June 17, 2024. US State Privacy Legislation Tracker.


Introducing Cyndelos: Your Ultimate Guides to Understanding Website Tracking Technologies

This type of non-compliance is what drove the creation of Cyndelos. Co-founded by Stacey Egerton and Richard Chapman, Cyndelos is built on their combined knowledge of technology, privacy, security, and automated processes.  

They like to think of website compliance as a lens for data privacy. By asking, “What’s on your website?” they can review the level of information and data privacy being exposed when a user visits the website. With this unique perspective on website data transparency, Cyndelos set out to help businesses uphold compliance by revealing the third-party tracking technologies lurking on their websites. The ability to see and understand every move your online presence makes is why they created their next-generation online tracker monitoring service. 

PrivaPlan Associates boasts a long-standing reputation for excellence in privacy and security compliance. Cyndelos’ commitment to data privacy and security compelled us to partner with them to launch our TrackerReveal service.  

By harnessing our resources, we are ready to provide compliance strategies that benefit small businesses and industry leaders alike. 

TrackerReveal Produces Strategies for Managing Website Tracking Technologies to Ensure Website Compliance 

With the launch of TrackerReveal, PrivaPlan Associates and Cyndelos demonstrate our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving website regulatory challenges faced by financial and health care organizations, driving far more compliance impact for our customers. 

“We are excited to partner with Cyndelos to offer TrackerReveal, a service that addresses the critical need for robust tracking technology management in today’s regulatory environment,” said David Ginsberg, President of PrivaPlan Associates. “Our collaboration ensures that our clients can confidently navigate the complexities of privacy and security compliance, backed by the power of AI.” 

TrackerReveal automates the process of auditing and maintaining third-party tracking compliance with real-time scans, in-depth analysis, and risk-ranked findings, allowing PrivaPlan customers to gain valuable insights into their website’s ecosystem. 

The team at PrivaPlan Associates then builds strategies to bolster security and regulatory compliance, including whether a Business Associates Agreement (BAA) is necessary for tracking technology providers. With actionable guidance on maintaining compliance with regulatory standards such as the FTC, customers can focus their efforts where they matter most. 

Our partnership with Cyndelos is a strategic collaboration aimed at leveraging their AI-powered website vulnerability management and tracking technologies for our clients. This collaboration will enable us to provide our customers with a more comprehensive and effective website security and compliance solution. 

TrackerReveal partners with you to safeguard your website’s privacy and security. Empower your business with powerful tools to identify website trackers, manage risks and uphold compliance, ensuring your website maintains its trustworthiness. 

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What’s On Your Website?

The partnership combines PrivaPlan’s industry-leading guidance with Cyndelos’ AI technology to pinpoint website vulnerability and uphold website compliance.

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