PrivaPlan HIPAA Certification Program promotes culture of compliance

Since the summer launch of PrivaPlan’s HIPAA Certification Program, healthcare professionals are getting access to what the program’s developer Han Ashley said had once been next to impossible to find: a one-stop shop, per se, to become a certified HIPAA expert.

“When I was just beginning to learn about HIPAA, I wanted to get certified, but I couldn’t find anywhere that offered a truly comprehensive program oriented to healthcare professionals working at hospitals, medical offices, or their business associates to do that,” she said. Relying on her extensive background writing programs for healthcare entities and PrivaPlan President David Ginsberg’s HIPAA expertise, such a curriculum now exists.

Ashley talked about why the certification is so important, particularly as cyber security threats seem to only be getting more brazen and corruptive. “Healthcare professionals understand they need to expand their knowledge on a frequent basis to stay on top of their skills,” she said. “They need to treat cybersecurity and privacy with the same diligence.”

She explained that this program offers practical up-to-date HIPAA compliance education for working healthcare professionals who want to expand their knowledge and apply a ‘culture of compliance’ throughout their organization. “Healthcare is targeted carefully and deliberately; spam and phishing attacks are more sophisticated,” she said. “It takes everyone in the ‘village’ to keep information privacy safe.”

The PrivaPlan HIPAA Certification Program empowers you and your organization to:

  • Shift your organizational focus from problems to prevention
  • Optimize internal management systems and workflows
  • Increase patient trust
  • Reduce overall compliance costs
  • Improve the efficiency and coordination of all compliance efforts
  • Implement and maintain best practices in data privacy and cyber security
  • Implement data governance and privacy by design throughout workflows and systems

Course participants will learn how to build a strong HIPAA compliance culture; understand the HIPAA Privacy, Security and Breach Notification regulations; protect PHI throughout its lifecycle; and implement continual compliance and quality improvement programs at their organization. Once participants complete all the online education modules and practicums, they will receive certification of completion for the course.

PrivaPlan continually updates the curriculum and includes self-guided tools and lessons with professional guest speakers from all levels and areas of healthcare to help organizations build and maintain a customized compliance program that meets your business needs.  With flexible learning options, real-world applications, tools, and ongoing support, PrivaPlan provides the most reputable and comprehensive knowledge available, all in one place.

For more information about our HIPAA Certification Program, contact us at

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