Testimonials For the PrivaPlan™ HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Online Toolkit – CMA Edition

“If you enjoy agonizing uncertainty, fruitless research, and sleepless nights, then you should not bother calling David Ginsberg and PrivaPlan!  However, if you prefer to avoid these torments, then Mr. Ginsberg can quickly provide relief.

PrivaPlan have proved invaluable to Prowers Hospital/Medical Center.  Through site visits, phone calls, and email conversations, he has provided expert guidance in all HIPAA matters.  PrivaPlan’s expertise and fresh eyes have opened our eyes to many considerations we would have otherwise missed.  They not only assisted us by providing well drafted policy and procedure templates, but have even created one to address our particular needs.  Working with PrivaPlan has indeed reduced my anxiety and uncertainty.  It has enabled me to report to my Board and CEO with confidence, knowing that a well-respected expert in HIPAA Privacy and Security has advised me.”

Karl C. Nieschburg
Compliance Officer
September, 2015


“PrivaPlan is an excellent resource when dealing with the many aspects of HIPAA.  I am especially fond of the quick response to email when I have inquired regarding specific issues.  I think PrivaPlan has made the implementation and continued understanding of HIPAA much easier.”

Michelle Porter
Contract/Compliance Coordinator,
North State Radiology,
California and Federal review and reporting


“I would like to thank you for your personal time and attention to my questions. I was extremely impressed with your fast response! Your website and information has been a great help to our practice.”   

Kimberly Shaw
Acacia Family Medical Group


“We have a consulting company within our group and we help physicians starting in practice set up their offices.  One of the first things I recommend they purchase is PrivaPlan that will help guide them through the challenging issues of compliance.  I have found this program to be the most user friendly compliance program available. Your questions and answer forum gives subscribers a way to discuss real life issues that are constantly arising in a medical office. Thank you for creating such a great over all program on compliance.”

Laverna Hubbard
President, Medical Business Solutions, CA


“We have worked with PrivaPlan for a number of years now and have been very happy with the service and education provided. It is one stop shopping for our facility for our HIPAA needs with an easy online training system. Even if you already have a plan I would recommend trying PrivaPlan because it makes compliance so easy.”

Lisa Sullivan
Office Manager
San Diego Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center


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