Disaster & Recovery Planning

What is Disaster Recovery, and Testing Plan?

The HIPAA Security Rule requires covered entities, and their business associates, to maintain a comprehensive contingency, emergency mode, data backup, and disaster recovery plan that prepares them for an event such as a natural disaster or a cyberattack. Increasingly, cyberattacks are taking the form of ransomware and malware that disable access to critical data and systems.

Disaster, Recovery, and Testing Planning isn’t just a HIPAA requirement – It’s also an essential business practice.

The questions to ask are:

  • Is your organization ready to handle a disaster?
  • Has your organization tested your disaster and recovery plans?
  • Are these tests comprehensive and focused on both critical and noncritical data?
  • Are your tests real time tabletop exercises?
  • And what about after the disaster? Do you have a plan for how to bring your systems back to running so you can continue to operate your business?

Rise to any disaster or recovery challenge with a concrete plan. At PrivaPlan, we can help you test and track your Disaster Recovery plans in a realistic environment to ensure your organization remains HIPAA compliant and able to deal with different types of situations.

HIPAA Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing

Let us assemble a plan and test scenarios for you. We can guide you by creating a disaster and recovery team, setting up testing scenarios, and prepping your operations for preparing for this role.

Do you have a HIPAA Disaster, Recovery, and Testing plan in place? We can review and determine improvements to your plan. Including performing and implementing test results, assessing team performance, evaluating recovery patterns and capabilities, and determining overall improvements for your plan. If you do not have a written plan in place, we will provide one.

Data Classification and Criticality: We can help you identify and classify PHI, PII (personally identifiable information), corporate and strategic data, and other important information. This includes, ranking all data types by their criticality to assist in understanding their priority within a disaster recovery plan.

Data Backup: Most organizations have a data backup process, but it may not be mapped to criticality or effectively and frequently verified. A key component or our services is to review and test the efficacy of data backup systems. And as a result of the testing plan recommend improvements. 


How do you write a HIPAA Disaster, Recovery and Testing Plan?

Not sure where to start? Let us design a contingency plan that complies with the HIPAA Security Rule standards and industry best practices for you. Our collaborative approach involves key stakeholders at your organization.

Regular review of your organization’s Disaster, Recovery, and Testing plan is also vital to remaining HIPAA compliant and protecting your organizations business continuity.

It helps you navigate a disaster and successfully (and realistically) resume operations in a Safe and secure environment. Let PrivaPlan Associates assist you with these reviews.

Contact us today for more information on how PrivaPlan can help your organization be ready for the unexpected!

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