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HIPAA Managed Phishing

Managed Phishing Testing & Cybersecurity Awareness Training Service

Personally identifiable information has become a rich target for cybercriminals. There are many exploits being produced and disseminated everyday using email phishing to lure individuals and businesses into an unsafe website or to provide their user credentials.

Equally, protected health information is now a valuable commodity. Safeguarding PHI and ePHI is an essential element of cybersecurity that all HIPAA covered entities and business associates should prioritize.

Cybercriminal activity increases year by year. Data breaches in the healthcare industry alone cost billions of dollars and exponentially increase annually. With up to 90% of successful data breaches starting with a phishing email – your users are your last line of defense.

While you may have firewalls, filters, and secure email, have all of these been properly configured and tested to provide optimum security?

If your answer is yes, you are still vulnerable to user behaviors.


HIPAA Managed Phishing Testing & Cybersecurity Awareness Training Program

Unfortunately, most healthcare organizations don’t take the next step to test, assess, and train users on phishing and cybersecurity awareness.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has recently offered guidance for organizations to protect themselves from malware, ransomware attacks, and phishing attacks. They have introduced the concept of “no notice” phishing testing and regular cybersecurity literacy awareness and training.

We encourage all organizations to implement a “no notice” phishing testing and phishing and cybersecurity awareness training program to stay up to date and safeguard PHI. Create long-term security strength with our highly effective scheduled phishing security tests and comprehensive managed phishing security program.

At PrivaPlan Associates, we have increased the effectiveness of our HIPAA Managed Phishing Testing & Cybersecurity Awareness Training Service program. We are happy to report those regular users have seen risk levels reduced dramatically.

PrivaPlan Associates can conduct a Managed Phishing Testing & Cybersecurity Awareness Program for you. Our specialized services include:

  • Annual or multi-year phishing testing
  • Customizable and current campaigns and email templates
  • Robust data reporting
  • An array of follow-up and training options to reduce your risk levels
  • We also offer regular “Phish Alert” and “Training Moment” emails to keep you apprised of timely issues and offer quick reminders to staff.

Jumpstart your security awareness with one of the most respected HIPAA Phishing Compliance Programs available in the industry! Join PrivaPlan’s Managed Phishing Testing & Cybersecurity Awareness Program and trust that you are meeting HIPAA compliance with ease.

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