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HIPAA Policy & Procedures Development

HIPAA Policies & Procedures Assessment and Review

The accuracy and operationalizing of HIPAA policies and procedures remains a daunting task for most HIPAA covered entities. Assessments typically find the use of commonplace templates that are not accurate or up to date. Organizations are missing essential policies to satisfy compliance with the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules. Between these three rules, over 100 actual policies and procedures are required.

Additional laws and regulations such as the 21st Century CURES Act, the No Surprises Act, State identity theft, or cybersecurity laws increase the burden of assessments and reviews for healthcare organizations and their business associates.

As leaders in HIPAA compliance, we know the elements of strong policy and procedures development. Our PrivaPlan Associates understand the efforts and resources that drive reliable HIPAA policies and procedures documentation. Act confidently on your HIPAA compliance with our review and development of your policies and procedures.

HIPAA Policy and Procedure Development

With customized creation, our team of professionals develops policies and procedures that meet HIPAA regulations and applicable State laws and associated requirements (such as the Information Blocking Rule).

We develop policies and procedures that are applicable to your type of organization. For example, if you are a business associate, we will ensure that your policies reflect unique requirements of notifying the covered entity customers you work for in the event of a breach or security incident.

Likewise, the policies and procedures we develop for covered entities will be specific to the covered entity. For example, a health plan or group insurer will have unique requirements that differ from a hospital or healthcare provider.

Some of the items we curate for you:

  • Individualized policies and procedures that reflect the privacy, security, and notification processes in place at your organization.
  • Customizing documents and forms across the organization – is an especially useful application for healthcare facilities with multiple locations.

Policy and Procedure Assessment and Review

How often do you review and update your HIPAA policies and procedures? Do you know that it’s best practice to review these on an annual basis?

PrivaPlan provides expert analysis of your policies and procedures with detailed remediation work plans.

  • A comprehensive review of documents to ensure that these are fully implemented and reflect changes in your environment.
  • Identify easy fixes, such as updating the malware safeguards or PHI disaster recovery policies to reflect recent changes and new technologies.
  • Ongoing updates and maintenance of documents and forms.

Let us customize your documentation while you get back to patient care. Contact us today to get started.

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