Standard Security Risk Analysis

This section will help you to complete your HIPAA Security Risk Analysis, a requirement towards reaching Meaningful Use.

Risk Analysis Toolset
This Navigation Guide will provide a visual map to help you to complete your HIPAA Security Risk Analysis. Download this document and follow along with the steps below.

  1. You are almost ready….now you will use each of the following document templates.
  2. Now you are almost ready—read the Risk Analysis Tutorial and share with staff members who will help you. This will provide additional guidance on the task of conducting the Risk Analysis.
  3. Read these following PrivaGuides to understand some of the more specific requirements such as assigning a Security official or establishing adequate physical security.
  4. Read the HIPAA Security Risk Analysis PrivaGuide for an overview of how to conduct a risk assessment and background on what it requires.
  5. You are ready to start! You can work with the Start the Walkthrough and record your findings.
    Remember if you get stuck or need help you can email


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