Products: HIPAA privacy and security Toolkits

The PrivaPlan™ HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Online Toolkit is the most efficient, cost-effective way to develop and implement your compliance program.

It is the ultimate do-it-yourself approach to HIPAA privacy and security compliance – carefully and intuitively designed to provide a “scalable” solution for your organization – a solution that fits your particular needs and requirements. For every stage of the compliance effort, the PrivaPlan™ kit gives you effective and comprehensive tools that minimize effort and reduce duplication. We have taken over 180 compliance criteria and distilled them into an organized, step-by-step approach that is practical and easy to use. The resource kit contains a simple, 10-step summary approach.

In addition, long after your compliance project is finished, the PrivaPlan™ Resource Kit will keep providing value as a reference guide and an auditing tool. PrivaPlan™ is constantly updating the TOOLKIT, adding new content, forms and solutions.