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The PrivaPlan™ HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Resource Kit contains materials for those who choose a “do-it-yourself” approach to achieving HIPAA privacy and security compliance. The resource kit contains tools that help you steer the compliance effort yourself, starting with your first look at the HIPAA privacy and security requirements and ending with preparations for a compliance review.

In order to prepare for a compliance review you need to:

  • Perform an assessment of your current uses and disclosures of patient health information.
  • Perform a “gap analysis” to determine where your current procedures do NOT meet HIPAA standards.
  • Choose methods for getting into compliance.
  • Implement and maintain the required changes.
  • Document your efforts so that, if necessary, you can prove that you are in compliance.

PrivaPlan is a resource kit. It gives you the resources for a “do-it-yourself” compliance project including step by step instructions for completing all of the requirements listed
above. You do not need any previous HIPAA knowledge in order to complete these steps. The only knowledge required to use the PrivaPlan toolkit is a basic understanding of how to use your computer and a familiarity with the programs used by PrivaPlan (Microsoft Word & Adobe Acrobat Reader).


Though PrivaPlan is a “do-it-yourself” solution, it is also used by many consultants to provide a standardized and well organized approach to HIPAA privacy and security compliance. PrivaPlan’s comprehensive and scalable approach makes it applicable to small providers (solo and small offices), large groups, hospitals, health plans and health care clearinghouses, and business associates.


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