The STAT document is the starting point for your HIPAA compliance project and will form your education and organizational plan with regards to your entire compliance program. This document will explain what you need to do, why, and HOW to do it! STAT organizes the HIPAA entire Privacy and Security compliance program into 10 easy steps, directing you as you go to the necessary documents your will customize in order to complete your compliance program. Additionally, STAT is a great reference to teach new staff members about PrivaPlan, and how to use the toolkit.


PrivaPlan Stat – The HIPAA Compliance “Ten Steps” PrivaPlan Stat outlines the ten HIPAA privacy and security issues that you need to deal with during your compliance program. By following PrivaPlan Stat directions you will:


  • Assign privacy and security responsibilities to the appropriate personnel.
  • Establish procedures for handling, processing and storing protected health information.
  • Ensure that physical security is adequate.
  • Ensure that technical security is adequate.
  • Establish administrative rules for protecting and safeguarding patient/plan participant privacy.
  • Establish procedures whereby patients/plan participants can review and correct information that pertains to them.
  • Establish procedures whereby patients/plan participants may register complaints.
  • Publish a notice of privacy practices.
  • Negotiate business associate agreements.
  • Train the workforce in the areas of privacy and security.


Each section of PrivaPlan Stat refers you to the appropriate “PrivaGuide” for more detailed instructions; additionally, you are referred to the appropriate document and forms templates and the Policy and Procedure manuals. The last step of Stat will guide you through using the PrivaPlan materials to train your workforce. To begin with PrivaPlan Stat, click on the link below to download & customize this Microsoft Word document.


Download the Document: STAT


PrivaPlan Associates Privacy Policy

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